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Are You Memorized?

Are You Memorized?

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Memorization makes me feel like some sort of robot. Certainly not human. Prepackaged replies and scripted pitches take away all of the natural communication that comes with doing business. When I’m working with someone, I want to be sincere and honest. I shouldn’t be rattling off some flavor of the week sales pitch that I spent all week memorizing. What happened to shaking hands and smiling. Now that sort of thing is done to go through the motions. It has nothing to do with a sincere desire to build a lasting relationship. It’s sad that things have turned out that way, because when your life ends, that’s what will matter the most. Not the car, house, nifty coffee maker. You’ll look back on the relationships you’ve built, and hopefully your memories will be filled with a genuine love for others. It’s either that, or you’ll remember all your memorization, seems like programming to me. What do you think?

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