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Backporch Divide

Backporch Divide

Neon Tiger RED

Writing through this malignant growth
Borders colliding and radioactive barriers breakdown
Neon Tigers cascade, frightening accuracy
A brutal approach, the war raging across the line
The line to the last known prince
The line to the center of the Division Bell
The Cast out crowd of recognition and faith
Where the last society is hopeless
Love is lost, the people have cried
Cried out and strung out and spent
Connecting to everything
Still feeling nothing
One last chance to find the queen

This Her, The Queen of the North.

Maybe some time ago we recognized that there was no better way to proceed. You see into the soul, you count the ways that you have change. There’s a pure and growing nothingness. Ever present. Looming, always there…riding on your back, just a crushing weight. I suppose there was a time before the war when laughter could be heard all across the land. I think back to before the first Neon Tiger, there as mystics in their infancy, and the promise of love and fellowship made life worth living.

Before the storm, it was understood and believed. We sat around and daydreamed. We played with our kids. Read books. Traveled. I wouldn’t go down the street at this point. There’s very little neighborly good. There’s no connection and sense of belonging. Maybe we’re all just lost for good. Lost in the Dreamscape. Lost in this faraway land.

I never woke up from that dream. I laid my head down. Drunken, defeated, lost, and alone. I left myself on that back porch. I took my last breath, said my goodbyes…and was whisked away to the whimsical here. With this Her. The one on the Yellow Bench. The last great hope, who’d one day be the Queen of the North.

I still can’t piece together that magic that’s been lost here. We’re looking. Documenting. Chronicling this adventure that is unfolding. Some day, somehow, we’ll find our way. For now, there’s static. Noise. The reckoning. It’s upon us, looming all around. Dark and dreary and everlasting. The last spark, the spark that woke them…continues to divide us.

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It’s something special to look up to the Center Crest…and see them watching from above. The Neon Tigers descend. They’re ready. And the war has begun…

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