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Ultra Potato

4 weeks ago

Any ideas for a new character? Maybe a half human- half animal sort of thing. I need Ideas people! Hopefully you arent here just to read spoilers cuz I dont have any.

    Ultra Potato

    1 month ago

    Okay, I'm finished with the first three chapters. I know it's a bit basic but it's going to get SUPER exciting in the next chapter! Ideas are open! Before you know it the story will be done! Read the fantasy story information post I made of you're new.


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      This group is for all my friends that want to help with my fantasy story called "The Broken Realms ." It's not a real true story but it's written in the form of a diary. The main characters are the two best friends ( Cassidy and Lillian) and the other main character is a super cool elf girl named Nuala. Every chapter is really short but if you read them all then the story is pretty long. I hope you enjoy it when it's done and if you have any ideas then let me know! ;D

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