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Happy Summer Solutions and Smiles

Happy Summer Solutions and Smiles

Writing on Life Giving

Writing on Life is about finding happiness in all that you do. It is about living life with a smile on your face and making a difference each and every day. I’d like to make a difference by helping through rough times, by providing insight and maybe even providing a much needed push. As the new year approaches, many of us look to the days to come for the answers to life’s great questions. Each passing day brings all of us closer to our next dream, overcoming that next impeding hurdle.
That said, I know that things happen, and road blocks occur. So, in response to great interest, I’m starting Writing on Life’s Journey to Making a Difference. Please send in your story. What do you need to meet your goals for the new year? Is there something that is going to stop you from having that happy new year, that something special for you family?
It saddened my greatly yesterday as we drove to the busiest Best Buy in the entire world. We came to a left turn and there was a couple standing on the side of the road with a sign asking for help. Well, we turned around to give them the cash we had. I feel that all of us should help others in need. If we concentrated more on taking care of others, the world would be a much brighter, happier place. I know it sounds ridiculous, and most shake there head saying that will never happen. Well, for every naysayer, there is one of us, people who smile and enjoy life to the fullest.
While enjoying life, we all need to make sure others are enjoying as well. This holiday season is about giving, so go out and do so. Go to a soup kitchen, volunteer at a shelter, your church, and visit the veterans hospital. Something that will take little of your time will make a huge difference in someone’s life.
So, send in your stories, share your need, and on August 1st I’ll choose a winner. The top story or request for help will receive $50.00 towards achieving your goals. email contact@writingonlife.com
Take care, and get your inputs in. Cheers!

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