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Her Favorite

Her Favorite

She told me I was her favorite.

And I believed her.

So I went with her.

I walked with her. Over there and over here and back again.

In the sun, the radiant sun, shimmering and shining; oh the way it caught her eye. Sunnies never stopped me from looking for more. I could see her looking.

I knew she saw me. Engulfed in her presence. Taken away some place new. Where? Nobody knows. I’ve asked all the pertinent people, I’m met with blank stares. Because they could never know. It’s far too unique. I’d try to explain, even give it my all; there’s no knowing for any of them.

She told me I was her favorite, she walked back in the room…and I was sure.

I found home in her and held her there and hoped; dreams don’t come so easily, comfort lost in the shuffle, dangerous rays and triumphant scenes on the big screen of our lives.

I watched it all play out in my head, reel rolling, flickering across my closed eyes…

Across the way, there she was. Smiling. “What?”, she’d ask. But she already knew.

I knew her right there.

So she walked with me.

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People all around, I didn’t see them. Sounds bizz buzzing as I shuffled my feet and looked at the ground; all I could do to not stare. No reason to conceal it, it should of been us. No chance to deny it, I didn’t have the strength.

I kissed her were the street ended, and something new began.

The sweet, soft embrace. Soft and gentle touch. It was innocence. I’m certain of it. I’d never felt that. But I found it.

And fell right there.

For all the seconds in that moment, I cherished it; Shifting my feet, shuffling away, calling out to her before I awoke. And I did. And I’m here. Living in a dream. Bracing for reality. Wondering what’s next. Finding my way. Back to you.

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