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Human health and its dependence on lifestyle

Human health and its dependence on lifestyle

Human health and its dependence on lifestyle</h1

A healthy lifestyle is a complex concept that includes many components. This includes all spheres of human existence – from nutrition to emotional mood. A healthy lifestyle is a way of life aimed at a complete change in previous habits regarding food, physical activity and rest. writes that a healthy man is: “A healthy man is a man with excellent physical shape, capable of procreation, possessing strong mental and physiological health”

A healthy lifestyle is a prerequisite and a necessary condition for:

  • Full-fledged development of various aspects of human life;
  • Achievement of active longevity by a person;
  • Active participation of a person of any age in social, labor, and family activities.

Interest in this topic arose relatively recently (in the 70s of the XX century) and was associated with a change in the lifestyle of a modern person, an increase in life expectancy, a global change in the human habitat, an increase in the influence of environmental factors on human health.

Modern people have begun to lead a less mobile lifestyle, eat more food and have more free time. At the same time, the speed of life has increased significantly, which has increased the number of stressful factors. Doctors note that the number of hereditary diseases is increasing every year. In this regard, the question of how to stay healthy (spiritually and physically) and at the same time live long and actively becomes very relevant.

The use of the day mode

How to lead a healthy lifestyle? To begin with, you should review the daily routine. No healthy life schedule can include going to bed after midnight and waking up at 2 p.m. on weekends. If you do not have enough time to do things during the day, you need to either reduce the number of cases, or do them faster. This requires a systematic approach to the allocation of time.

A rational work and rest regime involves a reasonable alternation of periods of physical and mental stress with periods of complete relaxation. In other words, sleep should be full–fledged (7-8 hours for an adult) and rest on weekends should be the same full-fledged.

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The need for rational nutrition

Any recommendations for a healthy lifestyle necessarily include tips on rational nutrition.Food should be exclusively natural and contain all the necessary macro- and microelements, vitamins. It is desirable that an individual diet regimen be compiled by a dietitian.

Active lifestyle

Reasonable promotion of a healthy lifestyle necessarily includes items related to physical activity. The achievements of science and technology have greatly facilitated human life, but at the same time significantly reduced his motor activity. People are walking less and less: now you can order and receive goods and products without leaving home.

However, to maintain the functional status of the body, movement is simply necessary. Beginners to practice a healthy lifestyle should devote at least 30 minutes a day to physical exercise: physical activity is one of the main factors affecting human health. What kind of physical activity to engage in – everyone decides for himself, in accordance with his age, temperament and capabilities.

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