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I Found My Collector
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Every once in a while you meet someone and think wow, this person is special. There is just something that resonates, and you know that great things are coming in that person’s future.
As you move forward and embrace change in your life, find like minded people that are genuine, special. Surround yourself with success and never limit yourself. I can’t create grand vision for you, but I can help you focus and get headed in the right direction. You are only limited by your mindset. If you want to be the best in your town, and that is what you devote your life to, you’ll get there with hard work and effort. Well, then what? If that’s what you want, and is your life long goal, then so be it. Who am I to tell you what to strive for. However, If you have lofty goals, wild dreams and ideas, then dedicate yourself and work towards greatness. You think Bill Gates is any different than you and I? Maybe in some skill sets, but other than that, we’re all human. What sets people apart is vision. The ability to see, plan, and aggressively pursue goals, whatever they may be. That said, never, NEVER think that you don’t have the ability do achieve greatness.
For me, I want a skyscraper. Come to think of it, I will have one in major cities, and overseas. Seems radical…unrealistic…says who? Naysayers and underachievers. What are you doing to build your skyscraper?

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