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Lighting Rod Love

Lighting Rod Love

Lightning Love Feature

There was this Her…

Lightning coursing through her veins. Sparks flicker and flame while I reach for her skin. Ivory tower of hope and love and prosperity; in one touch I recognize. I’m drawn in. I know. The Knowing still looms. Across the horizon, light bleeds through. Through my fingers, I work my way through her hair. When it’s down, and present and free; I am too. 

There’s this Her. The one that I saw across the way. Still over there. Still trapped in glass. Still consumed by the past, controlled, but let go of. Hurt, but finding her way. Lost, but not seeking. Wading through life like the most graceful creature, exotic and completely simple at the same time. Quiet, but louder than any scream or swoon or sonic boom. Reserved…withdrawn and guarded, shielding a once broken heart. If you listen too closely though and hear her completely, you’ll understand. You’ll know wholly…you do not deserve to be in Her presence. No words to comprehend. No writing on the wall. No questing adventurer to guide you. You’ll lose yourself. In Her. Like I did. 

Search for The Queen of The North

This Her, the Queen of the North. Smile down upon me. I miss that sparkle when it’s been so dark; I keep looking…and need to find my way back into your arms. 

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