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    Sounding Board

    I think I stopped just long enough, the world quit spinning and there was only us. Center of the city, center of my soul; middle...

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    Soul on Fire

    Can’t sleep. Soul is on fire. Heart racing. Mind pacing. Back and forth and over and under. Basking in the sun. Our daytime adventures. Beamed...

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    I Saw Her in the Where

    There was this Her, and I saw her in the Where. Over there, where the sunshine poured itself out, over her ivory skin it spilled....

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    Lighting Rod Love

    There was this Her… Lightning coursing through her veins. Sparks flicker and flame while I reach for her skin. Ivory tower of hope and love...

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    The New Dawn

    I met her in another life. Where the wild river ran free. Away from me and away from everything. Crystal clear; courageous and powerful, consume...

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    Ghost Fire Pulsing

    Ghost fire pulsing. Radical waves heaving and to-ing and fro-ing. Crashing down on the sea, the Queen cries out, “save the Mission Bell!” Returned from...

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