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Share Your Story with the World

Share Your Story with the World

Share Your Story

What can I do to make a difference? What can I do to make those around me successful? How do I know if someone I’m talking with is a person that I should form a relationship with?
These are questions that go through my head nearly every second of every day. The conversation in my head is constant, and it’s the driving force behind everything that I do. What’s the tone of your conversation? Are your thoughts filled with constant worry and doubt? Doesn’t that just bring on more worry and doubt? I think we’ve established that. Are you uplifting, motivating, dedicated to your hopes and dreams? If not, how do you expect others to to be dedicated to helping you out?

For me, I know that I can offer people hope. True hope and a chance at greatness. You just have to believe. You have to find your vision, then work tirelessly, aggressively, until you achieve it and move on to the next chapter, a better ending, a story book ending.

Well, that’s all warm and fuzzy, right? Life is brutal and beats you down. Things are too tough and the economy is tattered and torn. Bills pile up and kids stress you out…Wow, that’s real negative. A real bummer. Sorry life let you down. But, you’re not thinking that way, right? You’re shaking your head right now thinking, Will, I can accomplish anything. I am destined for greatness. Somebody has to be extraordinary, why not me?

Always think of it in relation to your life and your vision. Again, the skyscraper isn’t for everyone. Keep wealth in context to you, and embrace that meaning and live for it. Each and everyday. You should smile, because of all the amazing things you’ve accomplished. There’s only one of you, you are unique and a true miracle. Right? I do believe so. So should you. That said, greatness is what’s in your heart, your spirit, your smile. Find love, make a difference and give back, make an impact, find your inner greatness. Share your story, you have one, I can assure you. Want a great start on moving in a new direction? Talk to someone about Social Media. Seriously.

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Blogging, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube…the list goes on and on. Use that to make your mark, create your brand.  Don’t know how? I can introduce you to the best. Need inspiration? Need vision? I know people who can help you share with the world.  It needs you desperately right now. Think that’s silly? I’d be willing to bet my pay check that your story, your ideas, your passion and dreams, will make a difference in people’s lives. You’re already doing that on so many levels, you just don’t give yourself credit for it. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, You only have one shot at this thing folks, you better make it count!

Close Your Eyes and Smile. The Happiness That Fills Your Heart, Embrace It. Life is Good, Enjoy Your Journey.

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