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The Broken Realms {Chapter 1}

The Broken Realms {Chapter 1}

September 1st, 2047

8:56 A.M.

Sometimes adventures just pop out at you when you’re craving excitement. But not for me! My name is Carina Anderson. My best friend is Lillian Conwell. This school year, we’re doing a group project together in coding class. We’ve learned how to code basic games like that really old and simple ping-pong game from about 40 years ago but the coding teacher, Mr Erickson said that this year we’ll be doing something different. I don’t really know what he meant but I’m going to find out today. I should probably get to class.

9:34 A.M.

Right now I’m in coding class and Mr Erickson is babbling on about how to properly handle the new 3D print equipment, but I don’t really need to know that because we have things like that at my house. You connect it to your writing source like your tablet and stylist or a computer. Oh crud. He called on me. I’ll be back in a minute.

2 minutes later…

I just saved myself there. This is basically what happened…

“Cassidy, why do you have your tablet and stylist right now?”

” I was just taking notes while Lillian was gone. ”

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“Okay, just until she gets back then.”

okay I have to stop writing now, Lillian is back. Bye, I will write again tomorrow!


Story To Be Continued…

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