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The Broken Realms {Chapter 2}

The Broken Realms {Chapter 2}

note from the author: Please read the first chapter before reading part-two of the story. Enjoy!

–September 2nd, 2047–10:57 A.M.–

Sorry I didn’t really explain much in the first diary entry. I can explain more today. (Mainly because I’ve been spending my day with my stylus and writing tablet sitting in my bed doing practically nothing at all.) That’s just the exciting self-written life story you’re are going to get. It was your decision to read my boring diary. Okay, first off, as you probably know- I’m Cassidy Anderson. My best friend is Lillian Conwell, who I’m inviting over today. My favorite thing to do is writing, but I really like nature. (Even though there’s not much left of it since the accident in 2039. My mom would never let me go camping with my friends.) I can write again when Lillian comes over. Bye!

–2:32 P.M.–

so this is what cassidys diary is like. Im lilian. We were joking about how we used to play nice and seek when we were little and decided to play agen. I was hiding under cassidys bed when I found her tablet and stylus. Why does she care so much about grammar any way? I mean there just words put in to sentences it dosnt matter of thers a few miss takes. She say I write like a five year old but it doesn’t really matterr. B y. I can see why she likes righting in this tablet its kinda fun i guess. 🙂 

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