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The Broken Realms {Chapter 3}

The Broken Realms {Chapter 3}

September 6th, 2047

Oh my gosh Lillian, WHY??? Sorry I didn’t really get to write in the past few days because apparently Lillian found my diary. I couldn’t find it until I looked in the last place she hid. She decided to read my diary, write in it, and then hide it from me? Gosh that girl drives me nuts sometimes! I decided that from now on I’m not going to write the exact time I wrote it because that’s  just going to make my writing process much quicker. Now that Lillian knows about my diary, I can finally write on my tablet with her in the room.

I kind of think it’s a little funny how I keep calling my tablet a diary. I mean, it’s all I really use my stylus and tablet for, considering that I do pretty much everything in virtual reality or use my phone. Shopping? I use VR. Creating posters for a new club at school? I use my phone. Drawing a new logo for the new club? I use the new virtual reality painting app and then down load my creation to the printer and add it to the poster. Yup, I’m starting a club! It’s just for drawing. I need inspiration to draw a new character I’m working on with Lillian.

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Anyway, I should probably get to bed now. Oh wait I’m not going to write the exact time anymore so you didn’t know that it’s 11: 00 and I shouldn’t be staying up this late. Oh well. Good night! 🌃

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