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The Forever Tree

The Forever Tree

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The Forever Tree still looms over us. Amber waves crash down, embers burning and The Neon Tigers unite.

Take us away. Save us all with your grace. This her. The Yellow Bench Her. Ignites the spark to the 1000 Year War. Forever and free, still-beating heart perpetuates all. At the top of the staircase, I saw her. Cold. Cold as cold can be. I found her lying in the Breached Forest. Damp and soaked, shaking and shivering. I reached out to her.

“Trust me”, I said.

She could barely open her eyes. And I could barely cast my gaze upon her. Sparkling, like the belt I saw that day. Afraid, like I have been, trying to fight this war.

“We have to go. We cannot stay here. Let me take you. Please.”

I’m not sure she understood what I said. But she let me take her. In my arms, I carried her for miles. Countless days. Endless nights. But we made it. One Neon Tiger lit the way. A Red Ravager. Sent by the Saratin Tribe, the Keepers of Sonder. Our journey led us here. This Her, the one from The Yellow Bench. The one who’d claim the throne as the Queen of the North. The two of us embraced atop the steps, Gateway to the world opened up between us. The Forever Tree took note; kiss her you fool. Do it before it’s too late. And I did. The love affair that put an end to the war. The legacy that left behind the Void, cast forth the Knowing and created life. A testament to love. The belief in Magic and looming Neon Tigers in the shadows.

This is where I stand. With her...

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