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The New Dawn

The New Dawn

The Yellow Bench

I met her in another life. Where the wild river ran free. Away from me and away from everything. Crystal clear; courageous and powerful, consume me whole. While I sit and wait and wonder, I saw Her over there. This Her. This Her on The Yellow Bench. Hair curled and twirled and blowing in the breeze. I’m here. She’s here. We’re here…and I know. 

So we go. And I lose myself. One smile, one laugh, one simple question that needed to be asked. Two hearts, let’s see, what’s more, and what is meant to be. I can hardly contain myself, heart beating on my sleeve. She knows it. At that moment, I’m…all…hers.

This Her over there; the one from my stories, these marvelous tales…The Queen of the North…sweet Mission Bells ring in the New Dawn. The time before the Storm. The rain before the Quartered Haze. Rays…shine down. Light our way. Keep us warm and protected from harm. Fortune favors the bold they say…I can’t even spit out two words, thoughts fumbled through my heart and out my mouth and I stumble. Down, I just go down, but she reaches out. Grabs hold. Pulls me close, and lets it begin.

One kiss and there’s just us. This Her, this Her from over there, and me, the king of fools. Too scared to open my eyes, too content to let go, I give myself away. Again. And again. And then, there was…just…Her.

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