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The Registering

The Registering

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Registering the belief that we all grow and conquer and adjust
Adjusting nightmares
Following Dreams
Calm, cool collection of Fairy dust left in a pool under the bed
To protect your dreams from the Ones
To shield your soul from the defeated
Brought to fruition from the promised
Laughed at by the renderers
Reruns blasting from the empty box
Boxed in, laughed at, judged and criticized
Landlines locked up and locked out and locked in
In to the retribution curve
In the torrential siphon
Spun up on the loose leaf paper
Paper that crinkles and crumbles
Crumbling down
Down and out and cast around
Tossed and turned and tormented
Waking every other hour
Burning, scorching chest
Wishing well wondering when it will all be over
When it will all be done

Reunited and it feels so gray and grim and collectively crass
Crinkle the time
Bend it with precision
Precision and care of the Nowhere
Men and victors and vivacious women that rule the world
Rule The Everything
Conquer The Hope
Purge the Undone

There you’ll find your savior
There you’ll protect the Ways
There you’ll watch your life grow and unfold and become
Become undone

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