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There Was This Her

There Was This Her

Neon Tiger Rising

So this Her, the one on the bench, came to see me in my dreams. I sat across from her, drawn towards her…pulled in and frozen.

I watched it all change from afar. The journey there. Her voyage home. The turning. The becoming. The smile faded. Maybe I was in love, but there was something else. Patience. Determination. Virtue. Collapsing all around me, I watched the world shift; generations passed me by, families grew and knew the Knowing and understood loss. The Great Matriarch said goodbye, the foundation crumbled and The Vast opened up. Neon Tigers surged down from the mountains in the east. Raging and heaving, paving the way for the Hundred Year War. Great pillars shifted, souls shattered, the fire emerged. 

And there was this Her. The one from the north. The one that penetrated the great void, but was taken. Taken and twisted and lost until this. Until I found her on that Yellow Bench. Mist spilling down around her, glistening on her ivory skin. Hair twisted and curled and blowing in the cool, Spring breeze. Pillars raised all around us, towers of games and circumstances…

Skin on fire, racing towards the clouds, enchanted and embraced, close; a deep-rooted closeness as I kissed her. We were one there. This Her, the one that I met on The Yellow Bench. The one that came before the storm. The one that led the Neon Tigers through the Vast, The Queen of the North; Queen of my Heart.

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